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Elderberry Tea – Rick’s Tea Face

Elderberry Tea - Rick's Tea Face
Elderberry Tea – Rick’s Tea Face

Elderberry Tea – Rick’s Tea Face

Many of us grew up with Elderberries. We had Elderberry Jam & Jelly, Elderberry Wine, Elderberry Tea as an herbal beverage and also used it for various folk remedies like cough syrup. I drank it then and drink it now because it tastes good. But I also drink it during the Winter months to add extra nutrients, and to support the immune system. Does it work? I know it tastes good which is why I drink it all year as a fruity herbal tea.

If you’ve read our web page for Elderberries, you will read some background like:
“Elderberries have been used for hundreds of years as a folk remedy for many illnesses. They are also mentioned around 400 BC in the writings of Hippocrates, the “Father of Medicine”, referring to them as his “medicine chest”. They are also used in cooking to make syrups, jams, jellies and as a food coloring and dye. You will also find them used in liquors and other cordials.”

We have more information on our website if you haven’t yet sipped Elderberry Tea. So, for a nice fruity herbal tea, with great healthy properties, take a look HERE.

To steep it easier, I use a pincer ball.  We have several sizes for your various sized cups.  To check them out, click HERE.

Now, if you don’t mind, I must finish my cup, with Daphne, one of my kitties. Cheers!