Grosche Oxford French Press



Brew a perfect cup of loose-leaf English tea or your favorite coffee with the Grosche Oxford French Press. The tea and coffee maker features a dual filter system and a polished chrome housing. The borosilicate glass beaker is heatproof and dishwasher safe. The presses design allows coarse ground coffee and loose leaf tea to infuse completely in just a few minutes. The Oxford is available in the most popular coffee maker size. It is available with a larger 8 cup 34 Fl. Oz capacity. This gives you two to three large cups of coffee or tea.

The Oxford classic press features a dual filter system to make sure no coffee grounds or tea leaves end up in your cup. The main filter is the press itself. It’s made from stainless-steel and will not rust or impart any metallic taste into your drink. The secondary filter is at the mouth of the beaker and will filter out any particles that came through the main press. We recommend to close the lid of the Oxford tea and coffee maker during steeping. This will keep your coffee or tea hot longer and extract the full flavor.

The Oxford classic French press offers an easy way to make a perfect cup of coffee. All you need is your favorite blend of coffee in a coarse ground or some loose-leaf tea and boiling water, no electricity or paper filters required. The coffee press comes with a large and comfortable soft-touch handle that lets you pour your tea or coffee easily. Its dishwasher-safe, but we recommend hand washing the components in order to prolong the Oxford life.

With the popularity of the French Press for both tea and coffee, we feel that this Grosche press offers outstanding quality at a very reasonable price.  The other Grosche items we sell have also been very popular.  Stop by and check them all out.

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