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Habanero Hot Salt



Habanero Hot Salt

Our Habanero Hot Salt adds the spicy heat of the Habanero, with a touch of salt, making it perfect where you want chile pepper heat along with salt in your recipe. Sprinkle a bit on your steaks, burgers, chicken, vegetables, potatoes, pizza and Hot Wings. Try a touch on your eggs, potato salads and your Asian recipes where chile pepper is called for.

We use this more as a finishing salt for the most kick but you could also use it as a rub on meat, fish or veggies you want to grill. It’s also a big hit on French fries and chili fries!

Go easy when you first use our Habanero Hot Salt. You can always add more, until you’re comfortable with it’s fiery intensity.

If you are a fan of hot peppers, chiles or just like spicy foods and appreciate hot salts, we also carry Ghost Pepper Salt, Jalapeno Seasoning Salt and Chipotle Chile Pepper Salt.  Of course if you like extreme heat chiles, we carry Carolina Reaper Chile Powder and Ghost Chile Pepper Powder.

We carry many salts for all your cook needs. These include Powder Salt, Mediterranean Sea Salt for your general cooking needs, Kosher Flake Sea Salt, Coarse Grinder Size Sea Salt, Himalayan Pink Coarse Grinder Salt, Himalayan Pink Shaker Grind Salt, as well as Hawaiian Red and Hawaiian Black Lava Sea Salts, and Sel Gris and Fleur de Sel French Salts.  We also carry many Flavored and Seasoned salts as well as several Smoked Salts.

Ingredients: Sea Salt and Habanero Powder

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Habanero Hot Salt
Habanero Hot Salt