Hiwa Kai Black Hawaiian Lava Sea Salt




Hiwa Kai Black Hawaiian Lava Sea Salt

Hiwa Kai Black Hawaiian Lava Sea Salt enhances food with a crisp, bold taste. These salts are harvested from pacific waters using traditional methods of solar evaporation, allowing the salt crystals to form with the much desired trace minerals intact. These minerals include Boron, Chloride, Calcium, Fluoride, Iodine, Iron, Magnesium, Manganese, Potassium, and Sodium The salt obtains its natural and dramatic coloring from activated coconut shell charcoal which is infused with the salt for its numerous health benefits which include antioxidant properties and enhanced digestive health. Hawaiian lava salt is best used as a finishing salt for foods and desserts.

The smokey flavor of our Hiwa Kai Hawaiian Sea Salt is perfect for seasoning salads, vegetables, potatoes, eggs, sandwiches, sushi, seafood and meats! It also makes a beautiful presentation for entrees when used as a garnish.

We carry many salts for all your cook needs. These include Powder Salt, Mediterranean Sea Salt for your general cooking needs, Kosher Flake Sea Salt, Coarse Grinder Sea Salt, Himalayan Pink Coarse Grinder Salt, Himalayan Pink Shaker Grind Salt, as well as Hawaiian Red Salt and Hawaiian Black Lava Sea Salt, and Sel Gris and Fleur de Sel French Salts.  We also carry many Flavored and Seasoned salts as well as several Smoked Salts.

Contains: Sea Salt & Activated Charcoal

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