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Mustard Powder


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Mustard Powder

Mustard Powder, or Mustard Flour is made by grinding white mustard seeds, commonly referred to as Yellow Mustard Seeds. Mustard is widely used in many countries and in many cuisines, both whole and ground. Major producers of mustard seeds include India, Pakistan, Canada, Nepal, Hungary, Great Britain and the United States. References to mustard go back to the time of the Bible and to 5th century BC.

When used whole, the seed can be used as is, or lightly toasted first to release the oils and flavor. When ground, it is used as powder, either dry, or mixed with water to make a paste. Mustard Powder is added to many spice blends to add a pungent tang.

In India and Pakistan, mustard is used in curry blends, in chutneys and other dishes. In German cuisine, it is used to make marinades, as a rub, or mixed with other spices and herbs to make the various mustards we are familiar with.

Mustard Powder is added to potato and macaroni salads, as well as to traditional French salad dressings. Add to your baked beans and to your barbecue rubs and sauces.

For your many mustard needs, we also carry Yellow Mustard Seed and Brown Mustard Seed.

Contains: Mustard Powder

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