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Tarragon Leaf




Tarragon Leaf

Tarragon (Artemisia drancunculus) is a very aromatic herb, cultivated throughout Europe, Asia and North America. Now used around the world, it took time to migrate into Europe from western Asia. By the 1400’s, it had pretty much took root (pun intended) in Europe and became a staple herb.

Tarragon is closely associated with classical French cooking, and one of the Fines Herbs, a very traditional French herb blend. You will find it in many French chicken, fish and egg dishes. It is also a main flavoring herb for bearnaise and hollandaise sauces. With a slight licorice flavor, it is very noticeable in dishes, so not much is needed to turn a bland recipe into one that pops.

You will also find Tarragon in traditional French vinaigrette dressings. Add a some to Olive Oil, White Wine Vinegar and touch of Dijon Mustard for a delicious salad dressing. It is also added to straight olive oil to make a Tarragon Infused Olive Oil.

Add a sprinkle to your grilled or baked chicken to liven up the flavor. The same goes for sauteed fish, shrimp and scallops. Some of our favorite uses.

Add a sprinkle to your scrambled eggs or other egg dishes. If you have never tried on eggs, you should. We have had it on traditional French omelettes. It’s like breakfast at a Paris street cafe.

We have a Tarragon Chicken Salad Recipe, which makes both a main dish as well as a perfect side dish  Take a look.  It is one of our favorite recipes.

We also carry other herbs which are used in French and other European cooking.  Take a look at our Basil, Summer Savory as well as blends like Fines Herbs, Herbs de Provence and Bouquet Garni.

We have many other house-crafted flavorful blends such as our Parisian Cafe, Paris Seasoning, Tuscan Seasoning and Mount Olympus Seasoning Blends.

Contains: Tarragon

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