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Roasted Caramel Almond – Rick’s Tea Face 07-19-2022

Roasted Caramel Almond - Rick's Tea Face 07-19-2022
Roasted Caramel Almond – Rick’s Tea
roasted caramel almond tea
Roasted Caramel Almond Tea

Roasted Caramel Almond – Rick’s Tea Face 07/19/2022

How about this? Many of our friends love our Roasted Caramel Apple Tea, at least hot, but have you tried it iced? Or frozen as a slush, and you know I love my slushes? Roasted Caramel Almond is one of our most popular teas all tear long, but when I mention sipping it iced, I get some odd looks, or a “really?”. Yes, really. The caramely, almondy, appley, light cinnamon flavor comes through beautifully. That’s an understatement. And the touch of beetroot adds a bit of natural sweetness and the stunning pink color.

If you haven’t sipped it before, one taste and it will remind you of a cinnamon roll, or granola cereal, or a caramel apple, or….well, you sip it and see what comes to mind. The flavor is so remarkable, we have had friends buy enough to hand out as wedding favors, and use for their large tea parties.

It’s a tea you need to sip to appreciate, and once tried, you’re hooked. Of, course it does have almonds in it, so some of our friends who can’t do tree nuts, have to miss out on it. If you are still curious, then stop by our store and take a look. In the meantime, for more information, please click HERE.  Now, I must back to my tea, before it melts. Cheers!