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Tropical Fruit Tea – Rick’s Tea Face 07/26/2022

Tropical Fruit Iced - Rick's Tea Face 07-26-2022
Tropical Fruit Tea – Rick’s Tea Face
tropical fruit tea
Tropical Fruit Tea

Tropical Fruit Tea – Rick’s Tea Face 07/26/2022

Thank you, may I please have another? In this case, it’s a large glass of our Iced Tropical Fruit Tea, which is an herbal delight. The flavors of Pineapples, Papayas, Oranges, Apples, Hibiscus, and others combine into one delicious herbal delight. Hot, iced, or frozen to a slush, the flavor doesn’t quit, which is why its popularity continues to grow.

With so many herbal and fruity teas to choose from, it can be hard to decide which to make and sip. Some days when I’m trying to decide, I need a little caffeine, so I’ll go for a black tea, which might be plain, fruity, or other. Some days I want a lighter tea and I go for a green. Then there are days like today when I want as much flavor as I can pack into each sip, every drink, the entire glass, and that’s where our fruity herbals come in. Our Tropical Fruit fulfills its mission for me every time.

For our fruit-based tea lovers, you probably already know how good our Tropical Fruit Tea tastes. For those who have not yet had the sipping please, give it a try. You might be delightfully surprised. It’s not as heavy as some our other fruity herbals, but the flavor is still very direct, very tropical, very worthy of earning your respect. For more information to win you over, please click HERE.  Now, back to my cup. Cheers!