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Cream Earl Grey Tea – Rick’s Tea Face

Cream Earl Grey - Rick's Tea Face
Cream Earl Grey – Rick’s Tea Face
cream earl grey tea
cream earl grey tea

Cream Earl Grey Tea – Rick’s Tea Face

I love my Earl Grey Tea…hot. Many of our friends know this, especially once they ask about my favorite tea. They also know that I’ve sipped hundreds of EG’s, probably more, going back to my college days. From loose to teabags to blends from around the world. There are marked differences between them since you can balance the various flavors against each other, especially when you have an EG blended for European tastes which we’ve found to be more citrusy.

Then there are some days, like today, when I’ll lean toward our Cream Earl Grey when I want the smooth cream vanilla flavor and finish. The cream vanilla touch mellows out the citrusy bergamot, which some sippers find a bit too strong. I just like the change up at times.

If you are a Cream Earl Grey fan but haven’t tried ours yet, then it’s time. It is one of top selling teas of everything we sell, so you’ll join quite a large fan club. If you haven’t tried our Cream EG, and might even be a regular EG fan, then you still might want to try it since, as I find the smooth vanilla flavor a nice change every so often, you might too. If you are still intrigued, please take a look HERE.

Now, I must get back to my cup before it gets too cold. Cheers!