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Earl Grey – Rick’s Tea Face

Earl Grey - Ricks Tea Face
Earl Grey – Ricks Tea Face
earl grey black tea
earl grey black tea

Earl Grey – Rick’s Tea Face

What’s in your tea cup tea today? Or I’d rather ask, what’s your Desert Island Tea you can drink every day, but especially on special occasions? Many of our friends know Earl Grey is my tea, my Desert Island Tea, my companion since college when I first discovered it after being an English Breakfast drinker. The balance between the citrusy bergamot and a quality black tea blend still captivates me. This is the mark of a good earl Grey. Not too strong and not too floral. There are many EG’s which are just the opposite, which is why ours meets my picky standards. It is one of our top-selling teas, so we must have picked a good one. And yes, I’m drinking a cup as I write this.

Today is one such special occasion, the Summer Solstice. Special to me since it marks the longest day of the year, when I have extra sunlight. When growing up with Cheryl as neighbors, all us kids would stay out later at dusk. We’d have some light until 9:45. I still find long days are special to me and short days, not so much. When I reminisce, sipping a favorite beverage makes the memories last longer since it takes a while to finish my Earl Grey.

For me, other special occasions also require the right beverage, whether to sit and share a milestone, or to remember a passed family member. OK, maybe an very old port or sherry works at times too, but Earl Grey is my sip of choice for remembering, honoring or just because it seems like the right time, like right now.

Back to the tea itself, I’ve drank more Earl Grey teas than I can count. Probably hundreds when all the variations are added, like our Earl Grey Citrus Provence, which we crafted ourselves to add a European citrus touch with a bit of lavender. Our Cream Earl Grey Black Tea and Cream Earl White Tea are worthy as well. OK, have to mention our Earl Grey Green Tea and our Earl Grey Green Citrus Provence Tea as well. And we brought back our Earl Grey Decaf Black Tea.

Earl Grey isn’t for everyone, but maybe you just haven’t tried the right one yet. Give one of our EG’s a try and maybe you’ll find it makes the right tea for toasting, remembering or just sipping. If you’ll excuse me, I need another Earl Grey…hot, and I must…Make it so. Cheers!