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Greek Mountain Honey Tea – Rick’s Tea Face 03-01-2022

Greek Mountain Honey Tea - Rick's Tea Face 03/01/2022
Greek Mountain Honey Tea – Rick’s Tea Face
greek mountain honey tea
Greek Mountain Honey Tea

Greek Mountain Honey Tea – Rick’s Tea Face

What’s in my tea cup this week? It’s Greek Mountain Honey Tea, one of our newer teas. Great flavor, very healthy and drank for thousands of years for its folk medicinal properties. Ours has more herbs like fennel, ginger and eucalyptus for extra flavor. As we enter the Spring season and the weather warms up, I drink more herbal teas. It’s a thing I do. Kinda of like a detox, but not necessarily in the strictest sense. I go through phases when I back off on caffeine for a while, during which time I drink all kinds of herbal teas.

For some historical background, Greek Mountain Tea, or Sideritis, can be traced back over 2400 years, to the days of Hippocrates, considered the father of modern medicine, who declared it’s benefits for the immune and respiratory systems. It is a flowering perennial grown very high in the mountainous regions of Greece and other Mediterranean areas. It has a floral flavor, with notes of mint and citrus. When the other ingredients are added, the resulting flavor, and no caffeine, gives you a very flavorful cup of herbal tea you can drink any time of day, or night. While we make no claims for medicinal or remedial uses of the tea, in Greece today it is still drank for many healthy reasons, including the common cold and the flu. I like the flavor.

Sideritis contains high levels of antioxidants, polyphenols, and essential oils, including flavonoids. Ongoing studies have compared it’s antioxidant benefits on the same level as green tea. A number of studies are looking at Sideritis and its potential as an anti-inflammatory, digestive and benefits for cognitive conditions, including Alzheimer’s.

So as you can see, whether you have done your research and consulted your doctor and have decided that Greek Mountain Honey Tea has heathy properties or you are like us and just drink it because it tastes good, if you are a fan of delicious herbal teas, then you must check it out and taste it has such a devoted following. Add a bit of honey, as the Greeks drink it, and you have a delicious cuppa. For more information, please click HERE.  Cheers!