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Icewine Tea – Rick’s Tea Face

Icewine Tea - Rick's Tea Face
Icewine Tea – Rick’s Tea Face
icewine tea
Icewine Tea

Icewine Tea – Rick’s Tea Face

It’s wine harvest season which always makes me think of our Icewine Black Tea. The Ontario Ice Wine used to add the wonderful, grapey flavor this tea, is spectacular. And, if you’ve ever sipped Ontario Ice Wine, you know what I mean. Paired with a luxury black tea and you have this fantastic Icewine Tea. To take a look, please click HERE.

Another reason wine season is special to is me is that my late brother, Dave, would make a annual wine trip to the Traverse Bay area of Michigan, which produces some of the finest wines in the world, including an Icewine. If you have never sipped nor heard of Icewine, it’s a special wine. Not inexpensive, but very special.

If you haven’t tried it yet or have heard me tell the Icewine story, here is why it’s a tea I’ve enjoyed for years, even before we opened our store. Icewine is a very late harvested grape of several white grape varieties, harvested so late the grapes are harvested frozen, usually in November. Icewine is pressed from these frozen grapes. The sugar has concentrated in the grapes so much, the resulting wine is very sweet, almost like syrup. This grapey sweetness is what makes the flavor of this Icewine tea so special.

If you want a tea unlike any other you have tasted, then you need to give it a try. You might find a new favorite. Well, back to my cup. Cheers!