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Lemony Comfort – Rick’s Tea Face

Lemony Comfort 09-07-2021
Lemony Comfort
lemony comfort
Lemony Comfort

Lemony Comfort – Rick’s Tea Face

In the evening I sometimes prefer an herbal tea. We have many, and of course they are all wonderful, so I’ll match the tea to my mood or the occasion. But, not tonight. I just wanted our Lemony Comfort because it just sounded good as I survey the tea pantry. The rich, lemony flavor is from lemongrass, Tulsi and several other lemon-flavored herbs and other citrus. Take a look. Please click HERE.

Another reason I like Lemony Comfort as do a lot of our friends, is that as the Fall sets in and the air gets drier, the all lemon not just tastes good, but helps to soothes your throat. For the rest of the year, I drink it because I like lemon-flavored tea.

If you like lemon-flavored teas and haven’t yet sipped Lemony Comfort, then now is the time. If you are already a fan, then you need to stop by and stock up. Now, my second cup is ready so I must get it before it starts to cool down. Cheers!