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Cyprus Flake Salt



Cyprus Flake Salt

Cyprus Flake Salt is a unique flake salt for many reasons. The minerals in the Mediterranean water give the salt a milder flavor. The water is drawn from the Mediterranean Sea around the island of Cypress, and brought into solar evaporation ponds. As the water evaporates, the salt crystals form into hollow pyramids. They are very light, airy and almost fluffy in texture, and uncommonly large for salt flakes. The entire process can take up to 2 years.

Through the evaporation process and minerals, these larger flakes are very delicate, very crunchy and perfect for use as a finishing salt. The feel of them in the kitchen as you sprinkle them on your creations lets you control the amount you apply, which is why Cyprus Flake Salt is valued by professional chefs. The crystals give a sparkle to your finished dishes as a topping.

Use in your soups and sauces. The flakes dissolve well and disperse evenly.

Use as a garnish on your grilled steaks, chops and seafood just before serving. The mild, delicate nature of the Cyprus Salt also makes this flake just right for a sprinkle on fruit and other desserts. Add a bit on your chocolate creations, breads and anywhere else you need a salty crunch.

We have many other salts for your cooking needs. For general cooking, among our traditional salts, we have Coarse Grinder Salt, Mediterranean Sea Salt for your shakers and general needs, Kosher Flake Salt for your cooking needs. We also have Himalayan Coarse Salt for your grinder and Himalayan Fine Grind for your shaker. We also have a good selection of smoked and flavored salts.

Contains: Mediterranean Salt

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