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Raspberry Dip Mix


Our Dip & Salsa Mixes are $3 each, or 4 for $10.  You can mix & match them.  The discount will show in your Shopping cart.


Raspberry Dip Mix

Our Raspberry Dip Mix tastes like you made it with fresh raspberries. That’s because we use Raspberry Juice Powder as the base so the fresh raspberry flavor jumps out. We added some Vanilla Bean Sugar and a touch of Lemon to add a light lemon-vanilla flavor. We like the way this combination allows the flavor to be more versatile.

We wanted the dip mix to be able to be used in many bases so you could use it in different ways. We found that strained Greek yogurt with its thicker consistency is our preferred base for dipping fruit pieces, cookies, or other dessert items. It is especially good with Lemon wafer cookies.

We also blend it with cream cheese to make a wonderful spread for bagels, toast and English muffins. Add some to your cake icings for a raspberry flavor for your cakes, cupcakes, and other baked delights.

Fold some of the yogurt-based prepared dip into a mixed fruit salad for a nice fruity flavor.

To make the basic Dip Mix, add the 1 ounce contents to 1 cup of Greek Yogurt. Mix well to combine.

For the Cream Cheese spread, mix the 1 ounce of the dip mix into 4 ounces of softened Cream Cheese. Mix well.

Keep any leftover dip or spread in the refrigerator.

You can substitute low fat, no-fat, or vegan versions of the yogurt and Cream Cheese, if you prefer.

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