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White Christmas Tea – Rick’s Tea Face

White Christmas Tea - Rick's Tea Face
White Christmas Tea – Rick’s Tea Face
white christmas tea
White Christmas Tea

White Christmas Tea – Rick’s Tea Face

Our White Christmas Tea is a seasonal favorite. So much so, for the last few years we’ve carried it year around and renamed it White Spice during the non-holiday months. That will change, so read to the end.

White Christmas is a white tea, with a light, citrus flavor with hints of cinnamon and apple. These are the flavors and scents of all the Fall and Winter holidays combined into one. If you have had the pleasure of sipping it, then you know what I talking about. If you have not sipped it and like pleasant, light teas with distinctive flavors with these spiced hints, then please take a look and click HERE.

The popularity of White Christmas has continued to grow every year, but so have the requests for lighter, white teas. As you know or read above, while we’ve carried White Christmas, renamed White Spice all year for the last several years, we need to make room for new teas after the holidays. So, once this year’s stock of White Christmas runs out, it will be gone until next Fall. Hmmmmm….reminds me of a movie I’ve seen. Hmmm…

We expect to have enough to get us through Christmas…we hope. If you love it, you might want to buy extra to get you until next Fall. Just keep it in an airtight container, out of the light, and you should be good. Now, if you’ll excuse me I must make another cup then back to the movie I’ve been watching. Which movie? Why Brigadoon, of course. Cheers!