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Four Peppercorn Blend




Four Peppercorn Blend

Peppercorns are one of the most commonly used spices; in fact, they account for 25 percent of all of the global spice trade. They are the berry of the plant Piper Nigrum. India is the largest producer of the world’s pepper in addition to Brazil, Malaysia, Vietnam and Indonesia. The first documentation of the Peppercorn use is found in South Asia, from the 4th century BCE.

Pink Peppercorns are not true Peppercorns, but are the dried fruit of the Baies Rose Plant. These berries are highly prized by the French for their delicious, delicate peppery flavor, and impart a light rose color to food. The four blend contains Black, White, Green, and Pink Peppercorns.

Four Peppercorn Blend is versatile and easy to use, add them whole, crushed or ground for extra snap in your favorite recipes calling for pepper. Use four peppercorn blend to create sauces, marinades, vinaigrettes and creamy salad dressings.

Pepper is best when ground fresh just before use. Another option is to tie peppercorns in a cheese cloth bag and drop into a simmering soup or stew. Remove spice bag before serving. Pepper loses its flavor during long-cooking periods, so add at the end.

We also carry Black Peppercorns, Medium Grind Black Pepper, Coarse Grind Black Pepper, Green Peppercorns, White Peppercorns, Ground White Pepper, Sichuan Peppercorns, and Pink Peppercorns.

Contains: Black Peppercorns, Green Peppercorns, Pink Peppercorns and White Peppercorns

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four peppercorn blend
Four Peppercorn Blend