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Pickling Spice



Pickling Spice

Pickling Spice is a Salt Free blend of herbs and spices used for pickling, brining and seasoning vegetables and other foods in various cuisines. We crafted our version to add extra flavor to your recipes.

Most of us know that Pickling Spice is used to make different types of pickles, including cucumbers, beets, asparagus, beans and mixed vegetables. But it is also used to make chutneys, pork dishes and Corned Beef. We also carry a Corned Beef Spice Mix as well. Dill Pickles and Bread & Butter Pickles are the two most familiar pickles people know.

You will also find Pickling Spice used in European dishes for braised meats, like Corned Beef, but also in stews, game dishes, beans and rice dishes. Using extra spice in your Corned Beef in addition to the small packet which comes with the meat only adds extra flavor.

It is ready to use. Just add directly to your dish or tie up in a cheesecloth bundle or muslin sachet, depending on what the recipe calls for. This very flavorful mixture of spices is sure to make your recipe extra special.

If you are into brining or would like to try it to add flavor to your turkey, chicken, pork or dishes traditionally brined, we make 2 brine mixes.   One is a a Citrus Brining Spice Mix complete with the salt and sugar and the other is just a Citrus Brining Herbs so you can add your own salt and sugar.

Ingredients: Mustard Seed, Allspice, Dill Seed, Cinnamon, Ginger, Red Pepper, Coriander Seed, Clove, Bay Leaf.

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