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Santa Maria Tri-Tip Rub



Santa Maria Tri-Tip Rub

Santa Maria Tri-Tip Roast, or Santa Maria Style Tri-Tip, as it is also known, is a traditional cut of sirloin roast, dating back to the mid-1800’s in the Santa Maria Valley of California. It was grilled over oak and served with pinquito beans.  We handcrafted our Santa Maria Tri-Tip Rub from a blend of paprika, garlic, onion, pepper, other spices and a touch of hot chile powder.  It adds a wonderful flavor when grilled over oak or roasted in the oven.

Our Santa Maria Rub can be used to season steaks, burgers, chicken, ribs, chops and pork roasts. Grilled, barbecued, roasted or on a rotisserie, the flavor is hard to beat.

To use as a Tri-Tip rub, sprinkle about 2-3 Tablespoons all over the roast and rub in well. Pierce to allow the flavors to penetrate more. Wrap with plastic wrap and refrigerate for 3-4 hours before cooking.

If you have never made Santa Maria Tri-Tip Roast, we have a recipe which we like to make. It follows the original method and makes a great tasting roast to use as an entree or for sandwiches with the thinly sliced Santa Maria roasted piled high on a hoagie roll. For the recipe, please click HERE.

Pinquito beans might be hard to find for the traditional side dish, so we have a wonderful Pintos and Poblano Chiles recipe.  It makes a great side dish for just about any Summer grilling meal.

We have many other great rubs and spice blends which are fantastic on your roasts, steaks, ribs, burgers or for whatever you need a rub. Take a look at our Gold Rush BBQ Seasoning, North Carolina BBQ Rub, Oaxacan Carne Asada Marinade and Grill Rub, Rick’s Casablanca Seasoning, Toronto Steak Seasoning, and so many more

Ingredients: Paprika, Garlic, Black Pepper, Sea Salt, Onion, Hot Chile Powder and Spices.

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Santa Maria Tri-Tip Rub