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Toronto Steak Seasoning



Toronto Steak Seasoning

We hand-craft our Toronto Steak Seasoning in the tradition of the classic Canadian steak seasoning to bring out the flavor of your steaks, roasts, burgers and stews. We created our blend to balance the savory flavors of the spices with the touch of spiciness, which sets it apart from other steak rubs. Since it’s introduction, it has taken it’s place as one of our most popular steak and beef seasonings. It quickly became one of our personal favorites. We keep a large container at the front of our own spice pantry.

Canadian-style steak seasonings have their roots in Quebec and Montreal when pickling spices made their way into meat rubs from Eastern European cuisines. Popularized in Montreal delis and steakhouses, there are many versions available these days. Many have extra ingredients, or are too salty, too spicy or not spicy enough. They just didn’t taste like what we were reading. We wanted to be as true to the original blends as possible. So, we did a lot of research, blended and re-blended many versions and even had some Canadian friends try it, who still had the taste of the original version burned (or is that grilled?) into their memories and palates. We believe we have the taste as close to the original as possible. We do know that our Toronto Steak Seasoning is very popular with our friends.

We have used many steak seasonings over the years and keep many different rubs in our pantry. One taste and we think you’ll find a place for Toronto in your own pantry as well. And if you are a fan of other Canadian-style steak seasonings, then you really need to try ours. It might be your new favorite.

We have many other steak, burger and roast seasonings to compliment whatever you are grilling or roasting. Among our blends, you might want to look at our Tippin’ Cows Steak Seasoning, Prime Rib Roast Beef Seasoning, Espresso Rub, Backyard Barbeque Seasoning, Cattleman’s Cracked Peppercorn Blend, Smokey Steak and Chop Seasoning, Oaxacan Carne Asada Marinade & Grill Rub, and Southwest Chile Lime Seasoning. We have many more, so please look around and see what catches the attention of your tastebuds.

Ingredients: Sea Salt, Coriander, Black Pepper, Garlic, Paprika, Red Pepper Flakes and spices.

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Toronto Steak Seasoning