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Scorpion Ghost Pepper Balsamic Hot Sauce



Scorpion Ghost Pepper Balsamic Hot Sauce

Want a new, fiery, tasty experience all you Chileheads?  Welcome to Scorpion Ghost Pepper Balsamic Hot Sauce. Made from 2 of the Hottest Chile Peppers in the world, and a sweet balsamic vinegar and other spices, you are in for a seriously hot, seriously delicious hot sauce. Add a few drops or a splash of our Scorpion Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce on a burger, your Southwest or Mexican dish, a steak or whatever you already add your favorite sauce. Careful, though, this is very hot sauce, so start slow with just a few drops.

The sweetness of the balsamic vinegar is a great compliment to the heat of the chile peppers, it’s like having opposing forces fighting for your taste buds. The contrast is not like any other hot sauce you’ve ever had.  Once you have tried our Scorpion Ghost Pepper Balsamic Hot Saucem you will be surprised at the way the chile flavor and sweetness meld together.

If you are addicted to hot chile peppers, then you need to know that we carry Scotch Bonnet Chile Flakes, Ghost Chile Pepper Powder, Ghost Chile Pepper Salt and yes…. Carolina Reaper Chile Pepper Powder, currently rated as the hottest chile pepper on Earth at 1.5 to 2.2 Million SHU!

Ingredients: Grape must, white wine vinegar, scorpion pepper, ghost pepper and other herbs and spices. No preservatives.

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scorpion ghost pepper balsamic hot sauce
Scorpion Ghost Pepper Balsamic Hot Sauce