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Ancho Chile Powder



Ancho Chile Powder

Ancho Chile Powder is the most common chile powder used in Mexican and Southwest cooking. It is the ground version of the dried Poblano chile pepper. They are dark red to dark brown in color, giving your sauce it distinctive dark reddish/brown color. The flavor is somewhat fruity but can also have a slightly smokey flavor, but it is not a smoked pepper. It has a medium heat in the 1,000 to 4,000 SHU range, and nowhere near jalapeno or the hotter chiles.

Use Ancho powder as the base for your Mexican Chile Sauces. Also use in your tacos, enchiladas, tamales, and other Mexican and other Southwest and Border recipes. Adds a great flavor to your moles and BBQ sauces. Use as a rub on your steak, chicken, ribs and other meats.

It is also used to season beans,  casseroles, dips, pork, chili, rice, salsa, stews and chili con carne.

In addition to also carrying Whole Ancho Peppers, we also carry a large assortment of other chile peppers and chile powders, including: Guajillo Chile PowderNew Mexico Mild Red Powder, New Mexico Dried Whole Red Chile Peppers, Urfa Biber from Turkey, Aleppo Chile Pepper, Chipotle Powder and Whole Chipotle Chile Peppers and so many more.  Click HERE for our Chile Pepper section.

We also carry the Gochogaru Korean Chile Chile Pepper powder, which is used in Korean BBQ Rubs, but can also be substituted for other chile pepper powders in recipe.

Contains: Ancho Chile Pepper

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