Habanero Chile Powder


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Habanero Chile Powder

Our Habanero Chile Powder is a perfect addition to the pantry for any cook who craves flavorful heat. Our Habanero powder comes from some of the hottest chile peppers and comes in at 200,000 – 300,000 Scoville Units. We love to use these in homemade salsas, BBQ sauce and for some smoking hot chicken wings.

Be careful the first times you use this powder. With the intensity of the heat, you don’t want to use too much until you know how much you can take. One teaspoon of Habanero Chile Powder is equal to one fresh Habanero chile pepper.

Contains: Habanero Chile Pepper

If you are a fan of Chile Peppers, we have a good selection ranging from the mild Ancho Whole Dried and Ancho Powder, to the extreme heat of the Ghost Chile Powder and Ghost Salt.  Others include New Mexico Mild Red & Hot Red Powder, New Mexico Hot Red Crushed, New Mexico Hot Green Powder, Whole New Mexico Dried Red, Urfa Biber from Turkey, Scotch Bonnet Flakes, Chipotle Whole Dried & Chipotle Powder, Birdseye Powder, Chile de Arbol, Tien Tsin, Aleppo from Syria, Jalapeno Flakes & Powder, Habanero and several other peppers, salts and blends.


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