Southwest Chile Lime Seasoning




Southwest Chile Lime Seasoning

We created Southwest Chile Lime Seasoning to bring together the most widely used spices in Southwest cooking. Ancho Chiles are a staple pepper used in Southwest dishes. We added Paprika for a little extra spice. Limes combine so well with chile peppers, which is why you see them together in Mexican Cuisine, but not in seasoning blends. Coriander, the seed of the Cilantro plant, adds another traditional flavor to the blend. Together, you have many familiar flavors combined to spice up any Southwest or International recipe.

Rub on your favorite steak, roast or chicken before cooking for a zesty chile flavor with the hint of lime. Letting sit 15-30 minutes in the refrigerator before cooking will add extra depth to the flavor. Add a teaspoon or so to your taco or fajita seasoning. Makes a tasty rub for cod, tilapia or other white fish before you grill, broil or pan sauté.

Sprinkle on roasted corn ears for a Southwest flair. Compliments any vegetable where you want that Chile-Lime touch. Great on roasted potatoes. Add a dusting to your fries as well.

Sprinkle on warm tortilla chips. Place on a baking sheet, at 275º for 10 minutes, then dust with the seasoning. If the chips are too dry from the bag, you can lightly spray a non-stick cooking spray or canola oil on them first for a better adhesion.

Contains: Ancho Chile Powder, Paprika, Sea Salt, Coriander, Lime Juice Powder.

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