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Sweet Heat Fish & Fowl




Sweet Heat Fish & Fowl

Our Sweet Heat Fish & Fowl is Small-batch, Hand-crafted for maximum flavor. It is one of our most popular rubs and seasonings for many reasons. The sweetness of the brown sugar gives the blend the sweet layer needed for chicken and seafood. The Habanero and other peppers add a multi-dimension heat texture which will catch you on several levels. So while you are enjoying the wonderful flavor of all the other spices, the heat of the various peppers sneaks up to get your attention.

It is a very flavorful blend on chicken, turkey, Cornish Game Hens, and other poultry. On shrimp and other fish, the combination of flavors is sure to make you popular with your dinner guests.

Sweet Heat Fish & Fowl makes a tasty Barbeque Rub, on Pork dishes, sprinkled on vegetables, French Fries and other potatoes. Also makes a great Popcorn Seasoning. We’re sure you’ll find even more uses for it.

We have many other blends for chicken, seafood and pork with many sweetness and heat levels to suit all tastes. Your consideration, you might want to look at our ever-popular Chipotle Honey Rub, Kicken Chicken and Flipping the Bird for chicken. Our Citrus Seafood, Wild and Crazy Salmon and Chesapeake Bay for seafood and The Other Pork Rub plus many more BBQ rubs for pork, just to highlight a few. We have so many more. You should even try our Creole Seasoning and Cajun Seasoning for seafood, chicken so much more.

Contains: Brown sugar, Garlic, Sea Salt, Mustard, Chile Powder, Pepper, Onion, Paprika, Habanero, and Spices.

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sweet heat fish & fowl
Sweet Heat Fish & Fowl