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Oil & Vinegar Bottle Spout



Oil & Vinegar Bottle Spout

Our Oil & Vinegar Bottle Spout is made of high quality stainless steel, with a tapered spout. The lid is hinged so it flips opens as you pour your favorite oil or vinegar. The hinged cap protects the bottle contents. The rubber stopper fits perfectly in most standard 375 ml oil & vinegar bottles. It cleans easily as well. Hand wash the spout in mild soapy water. Don’t put them in a dishwasher. It could damage them.

These spouts are for pouring more than drizzling If you want to drizzle your oil or vinegar slower, we also carry a T-Cap Drizzle Spout. They are used in place of the cap that comes with your bottle. They are made to slowly pour, or drizzle your oil or vinegar over your salad or however you use it. They also fit the standard 375 ml “Bordeaux” bottle.

Now that you have a spout, you’ll need something to pour. We have a large selection of Olive Oils and Balsamic Vinegars, both plain and flavored. To look at our Olive oils, please click HERE. To look at our Balsamic Vinegars, please click HERE.

If you are looking for a wonderful herb blend to add to your olive oil for your bread-dipping pleasure, take a look at our Tuscan Seasoning Blend. The flavor is very savory with just a little kick. Our customers and friends love it.  It is also one of our most popular spice spice blends for cook.  Check it out for how versatile it is.

And…if you are looking for a great and easy bread recipe, here is our Crusty Bread recipe. So delicious and wonderful if you also want to add herbs to the bread to fit your menu.

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oil & vinegar bottle spout
Oil & Vinegar Bottle Spout