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chili con carne

Chili Con Carne

Chili Con Carne Serves: 4 Hungry People Everyone loves Chili Con Carne, whether you make it with or without beans. We personally make ours with beans, but this recipe is just as delicious if you leave them out. Our version can be made with either our milder Chili Con Carne Seasoning or our hotter Hot […]

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sheffield chili with beans

Sheffield Chili with Beans

Sheffield Chili with Beans There are more chili recipes than grains of sand on a beach, and we like many ourselves.  We especially like our own Sheffield Chili with Beans recipe because it is simple to make.  It also has a great flavor which you can adjust by using different chile powders.  We change up […]

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Chicken Chile Pepper Nachos

Chicken Chile Pepper Nachos Chicken Chile Pepper Nachos are a favorite for tailgate parties, as an appetizer, or as an entree.   They are easy to prepare, and you can customize the toppings your way.  Preparing the chile peppers takes bit of time, but considering the great flavor and how much your tailgaters will love them, […]

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