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Bitter Lemonade


The 16 ounce size has a 15% price discount.


Bitter Lemonade

Our Bitter lemonade Tea is an herbal tea with extreme lemon flavor. One taste and it’s WOW! It’s like the best lemonade you have had, but in tea form. There isn’t any added sugar, so if you want to sweeten it up, use a touch of sugar, honey, agave or whatever your preferred method.

Our blender uses a combination of candied pineapple, sour apple, lemon granules, freeze dried lemon peel, plus some lemon and lemon oil to further kick up the lemon flavor. Add some freeze dried red currants and you have a lemonade tea which could easily pass for a secret family recipe. Give it try and see if you agree.

Lemon is one of our most popular flavors, which is why we carry other teas with lemon flavor or lemon notes to quench your lemon cravings. In black teas, we have Lemon Orchard Black Tea. In our green teas, we blend our Nirvana, with Lemongrass, along with spearmint. In our herbal collection we have Lemony Comfort to lead the pack. Lemon, lemon and more lemon. If you like to accent your own tea with a lemon touch, we sell Thai Lemongrass. We also carry Lemon Peel Granules on our spice side if you are looking to add even more lemon flavor to your teas.

Bedsides our lemon-flavored teas, we have a large collection of other fruit flavors.  There are too many to list here, so take a look on our website or stop by our store.

Hot tea brewing method: Put a heaping tsp of loose tea for each 8oz of water in the cup or teapot. Pour the boiling water over tea. Steep 10 minutes. Garnish with fresh fruit or sweeten to taste.

Iced Tea: For a Liter or quart use 3 heaping Tbsp. of loose tea into teapot. Pour 1 1/2 cup boiling water on tea. Steep 10 minutes. Quarter fill serving pitcher straining teas. Add Ice. Top up with cold water, garnish & sweeten to taste.

Contains: Candied Pineapple, Apple Pieces, Lemon Granules & Peel, Lemon Juice & Lemon oil, Red Currants, Natural flavors.

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Bitter Lemonade