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Blueberry Green Tea


The 16 oz size includes a 15% discount.


Blueberry Green Tea

Our Blueberry Green Tea is very aromatic.  The blueberry flavor literally fills the cup.  We also carry Black and Green Blueberry Teas, as well a Maple Blueberry Black Tea.  They have similar, yet distinctly different ways to enjoy this wonderful blueberry flavor.  And people love blueberries.  We feel this Blueberry Tea is every bit filled with fresh, blueberry flavor as you would expect.

Way back in the late 1800’s, a woman named Elizabeth Jane Astly who lived in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia penned an ode to the small sweet fruit. The final stanza reads as follows:

And there’s the pleasure without word,
The thrill of the heart no word can fit,
When the mouth takes in a blueberry pearl
And the tongue can copy the stain of it.

The pleasure without word…The thrill of the heart no word can fit – indeed, the blueberry is a delicious and nutritious treat. The taste of fresh blueberries is intense with a slight astringency, a trait common to most dark berries. And ironically, since science in the 1800’s was unable to prove it, blueberries are in fact good for the heart due to their high levels of antioxidants. In fact research by the USDA indicates that blueberries rank #1 in antioxidant activity compared to 40 other fruits. This fact combined with their fresh flavor makes blueberries an excellent tea additive. This tea, as you’ll discover, has a wonderfully sweet character with a pleasing astringency.

So, if you like your blueberries, you should look at our Blueberry Black Tea, as well as our Maple Blueberry Black Tea.

If you like fruity teas, we have many in black, green and herbal.  Among the many we carry, please consider our Bohemian Raspberry Green, Strawberry Black, Berry Fusion Herbal, Tahitian Breeze Black, Black Currant and Mountain Huckleberry Black.  We have far too many to name here.

Steeping Instructions
Hot tea brewing method: Put 1 slightly heaping tsp of loose tea for each 8oz of water in the cup or teapot. Pour the boiled but slightly cooled water over tea. Steep 3 to 7 minutes. Milk and Sugar are not recommended. Makes a wonderful Iced Tea as well.

Iced Tea: For a Liter or quart use 2 heaping Tbsp. of loose tea into teapot. Pour 1 1/4 cup boiling water on tea. Steep 5 minutes. Quarter fill serving pitcher straining tea. Add Ice. Top up with cold water, garnish & sweeten to taste.

Contains: Green tea, Cornflower petals, and Natural flavors.

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Blueberry Green Tea