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Curing Salt Prague Powder #1



Curing Salt Prague Powder #1

Curing Salt, also called Prague Powder #1, is 6.25% sodium nitrite. It is used for curing bacon, beef, sausage, ham, fish and other meats. Prague Powder #1 curing salt is used for shorter curing periods, not long-cure meats. Curing meats in this manner helps to preserve them and prevent food poisoning and botulism.

Prague #1 is commonly used by cooks who want to make their own cured meats as a way to control the flavors and spices.  Hunters also do the same.  By customizing the spices, its another way to get the flavor you want from the end product.  Homemade sausage, bacon and corned beef are several of the cured meats we are hearing our customers are making.  Following the directions of your curing recipe exactly is necessary for food safety.

Use 1 level teaspoon of Prague Powder #1 to cure 5 pounds of meat, 1 ounce for 25 pounds of meat, 2 ounces for 50 pounds and 4 ounces for 100 pounds. Be sure to follow your curing directions for amount, curing times and other instructions since improper use can cause health problems.

The pink color is added to Curing Salt so that it is not confused with table or sea salt. It is never to be tasted or eaten on its own.

Ingredients: Salt, Sodium Nitrite, FD&C Red #3.

If you are curing for Corned Beef, you might also want to take look at our Corned Beef Spices for the curing flavors and cooking, as well as our Corned Beef Recipe.

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curing salt prague powder #1
Curing Salt Prague Powder #1