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Grains of Paradise



Grains of Paradise

Grains of Paradise have a long history, traced back to ancient spice trading routes. Related to the ginger family, their taste is like a combination of black pepper and cardamom with citrus hints.  History says they got their name from traders saying they originated in the Garden of Eden.

They are native to West Africa, but are also cultivated in Ethiopia. They have been used in North and West African cuisines, as well as in the Middle East. They have spread around the world into cuisines where their sharp, peppery flavor has become a substitute for black pepper.

In the United States and other cuisines, Grains of Paradise is making it’s way into gourmet restaurants along with other African and Middle Eastern spices.  While not an exotic ingredient in their native countries, it is spreading into mainstream cooking.

Try grinding some into dipping oils or used as a rub on steaks, burgers, chicken or even ribs. Use as a finishing sprinkle on your steak instead of smoked salts. The change in flavor might become one of your “secret” ingredients to amaze your dining guests.

If you enjoy North African and Middle Eastern cuisines, please consider our Ethiopian Berbere Spice, Harissa, and Lebanese Za-atar.

Contains: Grains of Paradise

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