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Greek Oregano



Greek Oregano

Greek Oregano or Mediterranean Oregano is a robust herb that is both complex and strongly aromatic. In most kitchens you will either find Greek or Mexican Oregano, or both.  These are the two types that are the most often used.  While not related directly, they are similar in flavor, with the Mexican having an even stronger flavor.  Marjoram is also considered an “oregano”.  It also isn’t a direct relative but with similar flavor profiles, is considered by some also an oregano but with Marjoram more of a distant “cousin”.

In Mediterranean, Italian and Southwest cooking, Greek Oregano is a key ingredient and when partnered with Basil and other spices, makes an unbeatable combination in pasta sauces, roasted vegetables and most definitely with pizza. Greek Oregano is somewhat milder than Mexican oregano.

We tell our friends that cooks tend not to use Mexican Oregano in salad dressings since it has such a strong flavor, and they tend not to use the Mediterranean Oregano in Southwest and Mexican cuisine, as it doesn’t have a strong enough flavor.  Use them interchangeably if you prefer, but just be aware of the flavor strengths.

Use with cream sauces, vinegars, salad dressings, soups, and herb butters. Oregano is also outstanding in egg and cheese dishes such as omelets, frittatas, and quiche.  Combine olive oil with oregano and brush on foods for the grill, it is also commonly mixed with other herbs and spices for a sodium free seasoning.

If you love Oregano, we also carry Mexican Oregano and Marjoram, which is also called French Oregano because of its flavor.  And if you’re looking for a great recipe which uses Greek Oregano, try our Lasagna Soup Recipe.  Great flavor, allowing the oregano flavor to shine through as you would expect in an Italian dish.

Contains: Greek Oregano

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