Parsley Flakes


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Parsley Flakes

Parsley is the universal garnish, but who can ever get through an entire fresh bunch from the grocery store Having these dried Parsley Flakes on hand makes adding visual interest to your meals a snap. Stir into rice or pastas or any kind of sauce to add some bright green flair. When making lasagna, stir a handful of parsley flakes into your ricotta cheese for that restaurant look.

A quick Parsley Potato recipe is to pan roast some small canned potatoes.  When heated, toss lightly in salt, pepper, granulated onion and garlic and finish by adding some parsley to the pan for

A core seasoning, parsley is a favorite ingredient in American, European and Middle Eastern cooking. It is found in many spice blends like fines herbs and bouquet garni. For best flavor add parsley towards the end of the cooking process. The possibilities are endless.

If you would like a bit more flavor in an herbal spice, then try substituting one of our herbal blends, like our Paris Blend Seasoning, Fines Herbs, Italian or Mediterranean Blends.

Contains: Parsley

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