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Spanish Smoked Paprika



Spanish Smoked Paprika

Paprika is made by first drying and then grinding Red Peppers (Pimientos) into a fine powder. The unique flavor of Spanish Smoked Paprika is created by drying them in an oak wood oven.  Originating in Southern Mexico, the plant used to produce Paprika was brought by Spaniards to Hungary where it has become an essential ingredient in both Hungarian and Spanish cuisines.

There many varieties of paprika and you can use any of the paprikas in any recipe that calls for paprika depending on your own tastes.

Some of the common recipes that you will find Paprika in are soups and stews, Paprikash, Hungarian Cabbage Rolls, Thai Curry Sauce, Hungarian Goulash. as well as in egg dishes, poultry and shrimp. It gives flavor and color to dishes. Paprika is used in cream based sauces and soups.

If you are looking a delicious recipe which use Smoke paprika, take a look at our Honey Garlic Chicken.  The sweetness of the honey, with the garlic and touch of smoked paprika combine for a wonderful flavor you can oven roast or grill outdoor.  For the complete recipe, please click HERE.

We carry a full line of paprikas, including Hungarian Paprika, Spanish Sweet Paprika, Spanish Smoked Paprika and Hot Hungarian Paprika.  Click the links and check them all out.

Contains: Paprika

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