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Celery Seed Powder



Celery Seed Powder

Celery is native to the European and Mediterranean regions, it is now grown all around the world. It is used as a fresh ingredient, as Celery Seed, or as Celery Seed Powder. Celery Seed Powder is simply ground celery seeds, but with a much more pronounced flavor. You can use Ground Celery Seed anywhere you use seed, but use about half as much and adjust according to your taste. While it can have a bitter bite, the bitterness goes away with cooking.

Whole and ground Celery seeds are found in many dishes in many cuisines. They add a celery touch to sauerkraut, egg dishes, vegetable dishes, salad dressings and gravies, meat entrees, sauces, stuffing, tuna and chicken salads and tomato juice.

Celery Seed Powder is also used is rubs and spice blends as well as in dips and anywhere you need a touch of celery flavor.

We also carry Whole Celery Seed and Celery Salt.

Contains: Celery Seed

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