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Rubbed Sage


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Rubbed Sage

Sage is native to the North Mediterranean region. Rubbed Sage and Sage in all forms has been used for culinary and medicinal purposes for centuries going way back to the Egyptian, Greek and Roman days. Native American also use It for religious purposes. Herbalists and others have used sage for such folk remedies as treatment for digestive issues, insomnia, hot flashes, as a relaxant and other applications. Modern medicine is giving it a second look.

Sage has a distinctive flavor and smell. Common is kitchens around Thanksgiving and Christmas, you find it in leaf form as well as rubbed and ground. Cooks use rubbed more than other forms but all forms are used in recipes.

Use Rubbed Sage to flavor turkey, chicken, game hens, and other poultry. It works well with pork recipes. Add it to your traditional stuffing mixes. You will find it in German, British, Italian and Middle Eastern cuisines.

Sage compliments vegetables like tomatoes, mushrooms, squash, Brussel sprouts and potatoes.

If you’re looking an easy, but delicious recipe in which to use Rubbed Sage, take a look at our Turkey Stuffing Bake Recipe.

Sage has also become popular as a tea or as an ingredient in tea. Drinking sage tea goes centuries to the Greeks and other Mediterranean cultures, but has enjoyed a resurgence. If you are a fan of Sage Teas, we blend a Hearts of Sage Tea.

And to complete the quartet, we also carry Parsley, Rosemary and Thyme.

Contains: Sage

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