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Ground Mace



Ground Mace

Mace is actually part of the Nutmeg plant. It is the lacy, orange ‘Aril’ which covers the Nutmeg seed.  Ground Mace is what is typically used in cooking and baking.  The history of these two seasonings goes back to at least the first century. Mace was well known in South Asian cooking for centuries. The Arabs were the ones to introduce Mace and Nutmeg to modern Western European kitchens. The flavor of Mace is similar to Nutmeg but more delicate.

Ground Mace is useful for traditional British pound cakes, puddings as well as meat and fish dishes. Mace is useful when flavoring light flavored clear soups and sauces, it adds a delicate flavor and does not darken the visual appearance because of its light color.

Mace is ready to use, so just add to recipe.

You can substitute nutmeg in most recipes, which we also carry, both as Whole Nutmeg and as Ground Nutmeg.

Contains: Ground Mace

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