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Savory Herbs



Savory Herbs

We crafted our Savory Herbs for use with cod, and other white, flaky fish, as well as on salmon, shrimp, and scallops. It works equally well on chicken, vegetables and other recipes where a savory herb blend is needed. The herbs we use are commonly used with all these foods.

Our blend of parsley, marjoram, summer savory and other herbs, adds a wonderful, herbed flavor, whether you bake, roast, sauté or steam your recipe. The flavor comes through without being too heavy. Sprinkle then lightly rub the herbs on your seafood or meat, which allows the flavors to mingle a bit. Add to your vegetables before cooking for the best flavor.

Add a tablespoon or more to your soups and stews to kick up the flavor.  As an herbal blend, you can substitute it for other herbal blends like Herbs de Provence, Fines Herbs, Italian Seasoning Herbs and even our Mediterranean Seasoning Blend.

Once you taste it, you’ll find even more uses for it.

Besides Savory Herbs, we have many other seafood seasonings, including Citrus Seafood Seasoning, Wild & Crazy Salmon, and Sweet Heat Fish & Fowl. We have other blends which are also used on seafood, such as Parisian Café and Dill ‘n Company. Try them all ask us for other suggestions.

The blend is excellent on chicken, but you might also consider our British Pub Chicken Seasoning, Kicken Chicken, Flipping the Bird and many others.

And for alternatives for vegetables, the choices are endless.  Take a look at our Garlic Rapture, Parisian Cafe, Vegetable Sprinkle and Everything Bagel Seasoning, with so many more.

Ingredients: Parsley, marjoram, oregano, summer savory, lemon zest, and spices.

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