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Cayenne Pepper



Cayenne Pepper

Cayenne Pepper Is considered a hot chile pepper, but still not as hot as Habaneros or the hotter varieties, like Ghost. The name of the Cayenne probably came from the area of South America where the chile originated. The flavor is very pronounced which is why it widely used in spice blends and recipes where flavor and heat are needed.  Cayenne is made from grinding both the pepper. including the seeds, which give heat.  For you Chileheads, our Cayenne Pepper is about 60,000 SHU and will add heat to any dish that calls for red pepper.

Cayenne Pepper adds wonderful heat and flavor to your salsas, Cajun and Creole recipes and Mexican and Southwest dishes. It is also used in Hot sauces and in chilis, Chinese stirfrys, Thai curries, Indian curries & chutneys and many spice blends. Add a sprinkle to soups and stews.  The possible uses are endless wherever you want heat and flavor.

If you are a fan of Chile Peppers, we have a good selection ranging from the mild Guajillo Chile PowderWhole Dried Ancho Chile Peppers and Ancho Powder, to the extreme heat of the Carolina Reaper Chile PowderGhost Chile Powder and Ghost Salt.  Others include New Mexico Mild Red & Hot Red Powder, New Mexico Hot Red Crushed, New Mexico Hot Green Powder, Whole New Mexico Dried Red Chile Peppers, Urfa Biber Chile Pepper Flakes from Turkey, Scotch Bonnet Flakes, Chipotle Whole Dried Chile Peppers & Chipotle Chile Powder, Birdseye Powder, Chile de Arbol, Whole Tien Tsin Chile Peppers, Aleppo Chile Flakes, Jalapeno Chile Flakes, Jalapeno Chile Powder, Habanero Chile Powder and several other peppers, salts and blends.

Contains: Cayenne Pepper

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Cayenne Pepper