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Dried Curry Leaves




Dried Curry Leaves

Dried Curry Leaves (Murraya koenigii L.) are from a tree which grows in the region encompassing India, the Himalayan area and into Southeast Asia. They got their name from being used in curry dishes and as part of ground, curry spice blends.  The curry leaf is used both fresh and dried. They have a very light, grassy flavor, with nutty hints. Fresh are a bit stronger, but are hard to find and have a short shelf life. The dried have a less pronounced flavor and are widely in cooking.

The curry leaf is widely used in Indian and Sri Lankan cuisines as well as in dishes in Cambodia and other Southeast Asian countries. Their use is growing and are now found in Indian fusion dishes around the world.

The curry leaves are most commonly found in various Indian dishes, such as Rasam, a South Indian soup. They are also used in Kadhi, which is a thick chickpea flour gravy, containing vegetable fritters called pakoras. They are also found in Thoran, a coconut based vegetable dish, popular in the Indian state of Kerala, usually eaten with steamed rice, as well as in Vada, type of savoury fried snack from India, similar to fritters, doughnuts, or dumplings.

In the realm of dishes using them for their spicy, citrusy notes, Curry Leaves are also used in some Chutneys.

While we cannot recommend nor endorse curry leaves for therapeutic purposes, in Indian culture, the leaves are used as an herb in Ayurvedic medicine as a digestive aid as well as for other medicinal purposes, commonly found in Indian references. They are also used in skin and hair care products.

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Contains: Dried curry leaves

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