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Sriracha Seasoning



Sriracha Seasoning

Sriracha Seasoning is hot, vinegary and very tasty as it should be. Most people had their first taste from a bottle of Sriracha sauce, and were hooked. We blended our Sriracha Seasoning to have the hot, spicy flavor of the sauces but as a dry seasoning you can use as a cooking seasoning, a dry rub, a condiment, anywhere you already use chile seasonings, or wherever you want that hot, spicy kick.

Use it as a rub on your ribs or chicken to add a wonderful, spicy flavor. Sprinkle a bit on your seafood before grilling, baking or sautéing. Add a bit to your vegetables, if you like your veggies spicy.

As a sandwich topping, add a bit to your mayonnaise or sandwich spread. Our friends already sprinkle our Jalapeno Seasoning Salt on their egg dishes. Try the Sriracha Seasoning. Dust a bit on your Deviled Eggs, if you dare.

The same goes as a seasoning as a sprinkled topping for your burgers, French fries, baked or roasted potatoes, or rice dishes. How about a dash on your popcorn or potato chips?

Enough ideas? No? Then add a bit to your pizza, soups, stews and …… use your Chilehead imagination? We have friends where they love their chile seasoning sizzling, so they also use our Ghost Chile and Carolina Reaper in the same ways. But, be very careful, these are the hottest of the hot, so watch how you handle them.

If you love the hotter seasonings, we also have a Hot Wing Marinade, which can also be used in the same manner. Great flavors. We’re sure if you love scorching heat, you’re already thinking of more ways to use it.

If you are looking for a delicious recipe which uses our Sriracha Seasoning, take a look at our Sweet & Spicy Glazed Shrimp.  For the recipe, please click HERE.

Contains: Paprika, Chile Pepper, Vinegar Powder, Salt, Sugar, Garlic and Spices.

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Sriracha Seasoning
Sriracha Seasoning