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Basmati Rice Pilaf

Basmati Rice Pilaf Basmati Rice Pilaf is a twist on traditional rice pilaf, since it is made with Basmati rice, mint, other fragrant spices and a touch of saffron. The spices and Basmati rice are all part of the Mediterranean and Indian/Pakistani cuisines where versions of rice pilaf is found. The additional spices create almost […]

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Vegetable Paprikash

Vegetable Paprikash Yield: 4 Servings Paprikash is pretty much the National Dish of Hungary, although Goulash might argue for that title. Our Vegetable Paprikash is a vegetarian variation of what is typically made with chicken. Goulash is made with many of the same ingredients, so it too is considered a paprikash. Both made with liberal […]

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Tuscan Bean and Chicken Soup

Tuscan Bean and Chicken Soup Our Tuscan Bean and Chicken Soup is easy and fast.  It is a hearty and very  flavorful.  Since it is one of our favorites as well as our customers and friends, we’re sure you’ll enjoy it as well.  Reminiscent of the great soups found in the top Italian restaurants, try […]

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